Renew. Reboot. Get to the root of your healing.

Rooted Renewal Retreats curates ceremonies, workshops, and plant medicine retreats designed to renew, reboot, and recalibrate your soul, rooted in deep healing and a return to ancient ways. We work with only the best and highly trained facilitators who honor the traditions of the medicines/modalities and implement new groundbreaking processes as well. 

Our highest priority is to create experiences that reflect our core values of integrity, transparency, creativity, safety, and expansion with exquisite attention to detail. 

We offer retreats in exotic locales as well as local ceremonies by invite only. 

In the works, we will be curating the following types of ceremonies, workshops, and retreats:

  • Cacao & Ecstatic Dance Ceremony
  • HapĂ© Ceremony
  • Gene Keys Activation Ceremony
  • El Ninos Ceremony
  • Kambo Healing Ceremony
  • Breathwork Ceremony
  • Iboga Deep Immersion Retreats | Mexico & Canada
  • Plant Medicine Retreats (Ayahuasca, San Pedro, etc) | Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico
  • Sacred Feminine | Divine Masculine Tantra Couple Retreats

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